Quarterly Activities Report

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Metal Tiger PLC
03 May 2016

Metal Tiger Plc

3 MAY 2016

Metal Tiger Plc


("Metal Tiger" or the "Company")






Metal Tiger plc (LON:MTR) the London Stock Exchange AIM listed investor in strategic natural resource projects is pleased to announce its first Quarterly Activities Report ("QAR" or the "Report") covering the period from January to March 2016, and subsequent material activities. 

The Report was introduced in Metal Tiger's Strategic and Operational Update announced to market on 25th February 2016 and will align Metal Tiger with the normal reporting practices in established resource markets such as the ASX and TSX. 


§ Botswanan exploration licences (30% interest held by Metal Tiger) secured and early drilling success points to a substantial mineralised system.  Drilling accelerated, three rigs now operating and regular assay newsflow will be provided to market;

§ Thailand activities (90% interest held by Metal Tiger) advanced significantly with acquisition of extensive interests from South East Asia Mining Corp ("SEA") and a Standstill Agreement signed pending a Joint Venture Agreement to bring two high grade silver-lead-zinc mines back into production;

§ Spanish JV (50% interest held by Metal Tiger) concluded first season exploration programme with significant tungsten and gold mineralization identified.  Negotiations concluding for 2016 tungsten programme and the acquisition of additional gold interests;

§ Russian Tailings - option exercised to participate equally with Eurasia Mining in the Semenovsky Tailings Project gold production opportunity and work is continuing to move this project rapidly forward;

§ Asset Trading - division investing actively with material financial gains secured during January to April period.  Active investment programme underway to acquire additional interests across the resource sector before the market emerges fully from the cyclical lows.  The Board believes opportunity exists to substantially build the working capital position of the Company without equity dilution.

§ Strong working capital - conversion of warrants, director investment in Company shares, placings (at 2.75p and 4.5p) and gains on the Asset Trading portfolio have built working capital to in excess of £4.5m (this figure includes cash and liquid shares owned by the Company) at the date of this report.


Paul Johnson Chief Executive Office of Metal Tiger said "2016 to date has been one of the most important and value generative periods in the life of Metal Tiger.  Across all material areas of our business we have made tremendous progress. 

We aim to build Metal Tiger into a substantial precious and strategic metals investing company and so far we have made very good progress.  This aim is achievable by the acquisition of interests in very high potential mineral projects on the ground, where we can add our financing strength to support exceptional JV operating partners.

All the Metal Tiger team are working very hard, in London or in the various jurisdictions where our JV partners operate and  I would like to thank the team for their commitment.

I would also like to thank our shareholders for their support of Metal Tiger over what is approaching a two-year period of investing operations.  We now sit in a recovering natural resource market, with a diverse and highly attractive portfolio of interests where we aim to generate value, crystallise gains and at appropriate junctures distribute substantial value to shareholders."


Botswana - Copper/Silver


Metal Tiger announced on 10th November 2015 the acquisition of a 30% interest in 14 licences covering 6,300km2 in the Kalahari Copper Belt in Joint Venture ("JV") with 70% partner MOD Resources (ASX:MOD).  This signalled the conclusion of many months due diligence involving the administrators and regulatory authorities.  It also signalled a further phase of work planning and licence transfer approvals culminating in final ministerial sign off for licence transfers announced on 11th February 2016.


Commencement of the JV partners first drill campaign was announced on 17th February 2016 and over the period to mid-April a regular flow of news has been provided to market.  Notwithstanding that this was the first drilling campaign, logging of the core has demonstrated significant copper mineralisation and the receipt of the first Reverse Circulation ("RC") assay results has confirmed significant copper/silver grades.


Whilst we are in the early stage of building drill assay data, and readers should take care with interpreting individual results, we were delighted to announce on 14th April 2016 that drill hole MO-G-12R (Target 3) interested 52metres @ 2.0% copper from 78m down hole depth, including 12m @ 2.7% copper & 42.7 grams per tonne of silver from 87m down hole depth, and 14m @ 3.37% copper & 72.7 g/t of silver from 116m down hole depth.  Other results received and announced have demonstrated extensive copper/silver mineralisation and the JV partners have uncovered what appears to be a large near surface and shallow dipping mineralised system.


The potential of the results uncovered to date mean the JV partners had to move quickly and ramp up drilling and we now have three drill rigs active in Botswana, one RC and two diamond rigs.


Acknowledging that we previously had a backlog of samples awaiting laboratory analysis, sample logistics have been improved and we now expect a regular and frequent flow of assay results which will be interpreted and released to market in a timely manner.


The JV partners have received various expressions of interest in the project and the findings to date, from various third parties.  We engage as appropriate, however at this point the main drive of the JV partners is to further accelerate drilling and build a dataset that helps us to fully understand the scale and potential of this project.



Thailand - Copper/Gold/Antimony/Silver/Lead/Zinc


Metal Tiger management has been active in Thailand mineral exploration and development for many years.  When the Company came to market in mid 2014 the Thai interests were relatively low key, being principally focused on early stage exploration and also certain small scale production opportunities. 


We established an early JV in October 2014 working with Thai operating company South East Asia Mining ("SEAM"), the wholly owned subsidiary of a Canadian company ("SEA") and on 24th November 2015 we announced the acquisition of our initial JV and our intent; subject to due diligence, to acquire the remainder of SEA's Thailand interests within 3 months, including their subsidiary SEAM.  This transaction was confirmed on 16th February 2016 leading to Metal Tiger holding a 90% JV interest in a mix of prospective projects in Thailand with 10% held by a local operating partner.


With the acquisition of SEAM, Metal Tiger strategically positioned the Company for an increasing level of interest in Thailand as a destination for mineral prospecting and development.  The Company now holds mining and prospecting licence applications across numerous mineral opportunities in the north west, north east and south east of the country.  In addition, we have acquired the extensive database of mineral and prospecting information of SEAM generated in-country over many years.


This data is particularly useful with regard to the Boh Yai and Song Toh silver-lead-zinc mines north west of Bangkok.  These mines were operating until 2002 when various circumstances lead to the shut down of operations and mothballing of facilities.  The underground mine, which held 13 years of minable resource at the time of closure, is still in very good condition, as is the local infrastructure.  There is also a full processing plant, which requires rehabilitation work.  SEAM have worked with the mine owners for a number of years with a view to bringing both mines back out of the current care and maintenance status and into profitable production.


The mines specific data available through SEAM includes an NI 43-101 compliant Mineral Resource estimate (dated 2013, classified indicated and inferred), Preliminary Economic Assessment study extending to mine planning, geology and micro mine files, economic modelling and conceptual tailings management.


During late 2015 and so far in 2016 SEAM and Metal Tiger have been in discussions with the current owners of the mines to work together and bring both mines back into production.  These discussions have progressed well as evidenced by our announcement on 11th April 2016 of the Standstill Agreement giving both parties three months to conclude due diligence with a view to signing a formal Joint Venture Agreement.  


The Company is eager to move forward and support the mines rehabilitation which will provide hundreds of jobs for the local community and represents a highly interesting commercial opportunity for all parties.  Further discussions with the mine owners were held very recently and were focused on permitting planning, JV management, corporate structures and transaction terms. Further updates will follow very shortly with regard to this project.  There can be no assurance a transaction will be concluded until signed and formally announced to market.


Alongside the above, we are actively seeking additional opportunities in Thailand, both through extensive geological analysis seeking fresh licence targets and through engagement with third parties on high potential projects where reasonable commercial transactions may be undertaken.



Spain - Tungsten/Gold


On 16th March 2015 the Company announced a JV in respect of the Logrosan tungsten/gold project with JV partners Mineral Exploration Network (Finland) ("MEN").  The initial planned exploration programme concluded in early 2016 and Metal Tiger has completed its earn-in of a 50% interest in the project, with the balance held by MEN.


Exploration was principally focused around RAB shallow drilling and enabled MEN to efficiently investigate the prospective targets identified by their extensive geochemical and geophysical survey work.  The results were impressive with significant high-grade tungsten identified and with initial work identifying gold mineralisation.


The positive findings to date deserve further investment and the plan is to test the depth of mineralisation with a number of diamond drill holes and thus determine the size and scale of the tungsten opportunity.  We are therefore planning for the commencement of diamond drilling and are excited by the potential valuation uplift that would occur for the project should the near to surface tungsten mineralisation identified, continue at depth.


Furthermore we are now in the final stages of negotiating an extension to our JV agreement with MEN to also include the Maria gold project where successful due diligence drilling was concluded early in 2016.  Whilst we hope to release further news of this transaction to market shortly, there can be no assurance a transaction will be concluded until signed and formally announced to market.



Russia - Gold/PGMs


Metal Tiger announced on 16th March 2016 that the Company was proceeding with the option to work with Eurasia Mining (LON:EUA) over the Semenovsky Tailings project - a gold tailings production opportunity in Russia. Metal Tiger's participation in this project on equal terms with Eurasia was secured by a commitment to pay an initial $100,000 of due diligence costs and contribute to costs going forward.  The initial amount was paid in March and the anticipated costs for the remainder of 2016 are modest but enable the completion of various technical steps that if successful will add considerable value to the project.


It is anticipated that Metal Tiger and Eurasia Mining will each own a 33.5% stake in the project and based on Eurasia's announcement on 12th February 2016 the project has a $23m Net Present Value at a 10% discount rate, a project IRR of 82% and project payback within 1 year of production start up, against an estimated plant construction cost of US$5.2m.


A number of opportunities exist in Russia and we are working with Eurasia under our collaboration agreement (announced December 2014) to consider expanding the range of activities in country.  Metal Tiger is eager to expand its investment into low entry cost but high potential Russian opportunities where the financial risk of engagement is substantially outweighed by the potential project returns.  Working with a partner such as Eurasia who have extensive operational knowledge in-country helps to reduce our risk and maximise the potential returns.



Tanzania - Uranium/Gold


We are currently reviewing the Tanzanian interests with our JV partners Kibo Mining (LON:KIBO) and hope to update the market shortly on the plans for our 50% interests in the Pinewood uranium project and the Morogoro gold project.



Asset Trading


The Company's Asset Trading division is gaining considerable strength with substantial paper gains on investments made in the January to March 2016 period and further gains in April 2016.


The ability to generate material gains through investment in resource companies at this stage in the cycle is best exemplified by our recent investments, and notably MOD Resources and Greatland Gold. 


On 13th January 2016 we announced a A$350,000 (equivalent £170,000) investment into 58,333,333 shares @ A$0.006 per share and 29,166,666 A$0.01 warrants exercisable by May 2018, in MOD Resources (ASX:MOD).  As at 30th April 2016 the equity value and paper warrant gains amounted to £1,510,000 representing a total paper profit to date of £1,340,000 and an uplift of 788% on our original investment in less than four months.


With regard to Greatland Gold, on 6th April 2016 we announced a £150,000 investment for 150 million shares @ 0.1p each and 150 million 0.2p warrants exercisable within 3 years, in Greatland Gold (LON:GGP).  As at 30th April 2016 the equity value and paper warrant gains amounted to £630,000 representing a total paper profit to date of £480,000 and an uplift of 320% on our original investment in under one month.


The Board strongly believes that more opportunities exist for further investments that carry a similar dynamic profit potential.  We have moved on two more opportunities recently with our investment of £125,000 into Red Rock Resources for shares priced at 0.42p and warrants exercisable within 30 months at 0.84p (LON:RRR) and an investment of £112,500 to buy 6,006,587 shares in Goldstone Resources shares (LON:GRL) @ 1.87p per share.  Within a few days these investments combined are already showing a paper profit of circa £130,000 or approximately a 55% uplift on the amount invested.


Our investing model is straightforward.  The team at Metal Tiger have experienced a number of resource cycles and the recovery potential of resource shares is substantial and, with the right catalyst, very swift.  Investments at this time in the cycle will commonly attract criticism, largely as the companies in question will likely be emerging from a lengthy period where the share price has been falling and some remaining investors feel antagonistic toward the company and management.  We cannot be swayed by such issues of sentiment when making investment decisions and will focus simply on whether each investment target has the right mix of capital structure, market awareness and forward potential.  If so, we can engage and the financial support from Metal Tiger and other reliable investors can act as a catalyst for increased confidence and a rising share price. 


Metal Tiger is an active investor and the extent to which we feel the need to engage with a company is exemplified by the structure of our investment.  If we feel a company needs further support post investment we will offer it.  Now is the time for smaller resource companies to work together and leverage off each other's distinct skills.


We would like investors to understand that notwithstanding the growing success of our Asset Trading division, Metal Tiger's primary focus is on the development of substantial investments in projects on the ground, housed in our Metal Projects division.  The Asset Trading activities build working capital making us stronger financially and giving us the degree of strength to avoid discounted dilutive capital raisings which seem to have become the norm in the resource sector.



Strategic Planning


Metal Tiger is in a strong position, being well funded and holding a portfolio of highly attractive interests.  We are building the business further as we write this report and there remains the possibility of securing additional material commercial transactions in the near future.  These transactions could see Metal Tiger take an increased interest in existing projects and also acquire new opportunities that complement our existing portfolio geographically or otherwise strategically.


Additional transactions may well include the use of Metal Tiger equity for part or all of the transaction value.  This is logical as the value and liquidity of Metal Tiger has increased materially in recent months making vendors of new opportunities willing to undertake transactions involving consideration paid in Metal Tiger shares, even where we insist on lock-in arrangements to ensure such equity issued does not feed back into market immediately thus protecting the share price of Company's equity. 


Our negotiations with third parties are advanced in a number of areas and we want to be ready to undertake such transactions as and when they crystallise.  We will therefore be calling a General Meeting shortly that will seek shareholder approval to acquire increased or new interests in metal projects utilising Metal Tiger shares as payment.  This will include a small proportionate increase in share authorities for this specific purpose which will be explained in the Notice of General Meeting.


In addition readers may be aware that on 4th March 2016 we announced the award of 10 million options to directors and 15 million options for Metal Tiger staff and partners.  These option awards were to be put before the next Annual General Meeting ("AGM") of the Company which is now likely to be held in July 2016.  We now consider it necessary to accelerate the shareholder approval at an earlier General Meeting, for reasons set out below.


Recent progress achieved in Botswana and Thailand has created a significant degree of interest in the Company which has been evidenced in part through a rising share price and significant market liquidity.  The Board is aware that the success to date in Botswana has also drawn the interest of a number of parties in that project and in Metal Tiger and MOD Resources as JV partners.  


Although no formal takeover offers or similar proposals have been received or indicated for the project or Metal Tiger itself to date, the Board is aware that should an offer be made prior to the option award being approved by shareholders at the forthcoming AGM in just under three months time, then the option awards could be lost.  Moreover for the staff and partner awards there is a stipulation that staff and partners must remain engaged with Metal Tiger for 12 months post option award before they can exercise their options.  Should a takeover offer for the Company be received in the near term, in reference to the 12-month engagement period, once again staff and partner options may be lost.  Given the commitment of our team to the Company and the significant efforts of all team members, this is a scenario we cannot allow to materialise. 


Therefore at the General Meeting to be called shortly we will be requesting approval of the options and, in the event that an acceptable takeover proposal is received for the Company, that all options vest immediately thus protecting our staff and partners and the gains that may be possible on their options in that scenario.  Again this will be further explained in the Notice of General Meeting.


For clarity we would confirm that no takeover offer or proposals thereto have been received by the Company to date.  Furthermore investors should appreciate that until any such offer is received and communicated to market there can be no assumption an offer will be made by any party.


Finance and Working Capital


The Company's working capital position has strengthened substantially since the start of 2016.  This has occurred due to the rising share price leading to warrant conversions bringing an additional £1,121,500 into the company to date. 


In addition option conversions by our Chairman Terry Grammer (announced 9th March 2016) brought in £50,025 cash and a purchase of shares and warrants by Dianne Grammer, wife of Chairman Terry Grammer (announced on 30th March 2016) brought in £132,431 cash.


A further equity raise at 4.5p (announced 26th April 2016) will bring a further £1million into the Company.


The significant cash inflows outlined above have been supplemented by the significant gains on our Asset Trading portfolio and all told allowing for the above, the Company has around £4.5 million of cash and liquid investments.


Metal Tiger is in a particularly robust financial position and has enough working capital to continue the current rate of activities well into 2017.  Should the resource sector recovery slow down, we can reduce our cash outflows and investing activities, and thus our working capital could be made to extend for a number of years should market conditions become difficult once again.  We believe that this is unlikely as the recovery phase looks reasonably well entrenched for now.  Therefore, we expect to invest actively in our Metal Projects and at the same time continue to build working capital for the company through proactive investments in our Asset Trading division.




For further information on the Company, visit: www.metaltigerplc.com:


Paul Johnson (Chief Executive Officer)

Tel: +44 (0)7766 465 617

Terry Grammer (Non- Executive Chairman)

Tel: +44 (0)207 099 0738

Sean Wyndham-Quin

Neil Baldwin

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Andy Thacker

Spark Advisory Partners Limited

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Notes to Editors:


Metal Tiger plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM Market ("AIM") with the trading code MTR and invests in high potential mineral projects with a precious and strategic metals focus. 


The Company's target is to deliver a very high return for shareholders by investing in significantly undervalued and/or high potential opportunities in the mineral exploration and development sector timed to coincide, where possible, with a cyclical recovery in the exploration and mining markets.  The Company's key strategic objective is to ensure the distribution to shareholders of major returns achieved from disposals.


Metal Tiger's Metal Projects Division is focused on the development of its key project interests in Botswana, Spain and Thailand.   In Botswana Metal Tiger has a growing interest in the large and highly prospective Kalahari copper/silver belt.  In Spain Metal Tiger the Company has tungsten and gold interests in the highly mineralised Extremadura region. In Thailand Metal Tiger has expanding interests over licences, applications and critical historical data covering antimony, copper, gold, silver, lead and zinc opportunities.


The Company has access to a diverse pipeline of new opportunities focused on the natural resource sector including physical resource projects, new natural resource centred technologies and resource sector related fintech opportunities.  Pipeline projects deemed commercially viable may be undertaken by Metal Tiger or by an ISDX or AIM partner with whom the Company is engaged. 


Metal Tiger also has an Asset Trading Division that holds various financial instruments for trading purposes including equities, warrants and royalty income.  The aim of the division is to generate profits to reinvest into the Company's project based activities.



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