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Business Milestone & Strategic Plan Update

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Metal Tiger PLC
23 March 2015

Metal Tiger Plc

("Metal Tiger" or the "Company")


Business Milestone & Strategic Plan Update


Metal Tiger (LON: MTR), the natural resources investing company is pleased to announce the achievement of a significant business milestone - the implementation of both investment divisions and the Company reaching a position to self-finance its activities.


Cameron Parry, Metal Tiger plc CEO said "Since the launch of Metal Tiger in June 2014 the Company has established a diverse and robust investing methodology and has become one of the most active natural resources investing companies on the London Stock Exchange AIM Market.  Metal Tiger's Direct Equities investment division has already delivered a substantial financial return to the Company, fast-tracking the Company's current ability to self-finance its activities.  Metal Tiger's Direct Projects investment division now has exposure to predominantly Gold, but also Tungsten, Copper, Antinomy and Uranium with active operations in Spain, Thailand and Tanzania plus working collaborations for additional Gold, Copper and Platinum-focused opportunities in Russia and Turkey.


This is a significant milestone in the Company's short history and sees us move into the next phase of our plans.  The Board of Metal Tiger would like to thank our shareholders, joint venture partners and all other stakeholders who have supported the company in the implementation of our strategic plan to date.  We continue to work hard to innovate, invest and create value for shareholders."




·     Both investment divisions - Direct Equities and Direct Projects - now embedded and fully operational;


·     Direct Equity investments completed and announced in respect of three mineral exploration and development AIM-listed Companies, including shares and warrants;


·     On-market portfolio of AIM-listed natural resource juniors established;


·     Realised and unrealised gains on Direct Equities investment portfolio over £800,000  in Q4 2014 and Q1 to date;


·     Direct Project joint venture interests negotiated in Spanish Gold & Tungsten, Thai Gold, Copper and Antimony, and Tanzanian Gold and Uranium;


·     Project collaboration established with Eurasia Mining Plc ("Eurasia") for new opportunities within Russia;


·     Project Collaboration with Ariana Resources Plc ("Ariana") established for new opportunities in Turkey;


·     Metal Tiger well funded with significant cash and traded investments, effectively self-financed for current planned operations;


·     Exploration activities being carried out in 2015 with periodic findings to be released through the year.


·     Pipeline of new opportunities expanding, tempered by disciplined approach to cashflow management to prevent over-extension;


·     250,372,466 shares in issue (unchanged since placing at 0.6p announced 10 November 2014);




In Metal Tiger's market announcement of 27 January 2015 an updated strategic approach was outlined including the creation of two new investment divisions, namely:


Direct Equities - the investment in significantly undervalued and/or high potential mineral exploration and development listed shares.


Direct Projects - the investment in mineral projects with the potential for significant returns for shareholders following the application of disciplined exploration and development efforts on the ground.


Both divisions are now fully operational and with the recently signed Joint Venture in respect of the Spanish Gold & Tungsten project at Logrosan, both divisions have achieved an early critical mass from which the company intends to further enhance organisational diversity, inherent investment value and an increasingly robust financial position.


Direct Equities Investment Division Review:


Metal Tiger recognises the extremely difficult conditions for listed junior resource companies.  The conditions for companies are set largely because of a cyclical decline in the resource sector which itself has caused a multi-year decline in resource equity share prices and the value of commodity based assets. 


However, notwithstanding the difficult conditions, good companies remain good companies, and from a contrarian perspective the time to invest in those companies is when valuations are extremely low and general interest in the resource sector is minimal.


As an investing company Metal Tiger intends, within the reasonable stretch of its finances, to be highly proactive.  To date the Company has strategically invested in three London Stock Exchange AIM-listed companies as follows:


·     Kibo Mining plc ("KIBO") totalling £450,000 (£150,000 Nov 2014 and £300,000 Jan 2015)

·     Eurasia Mining plc ("EUA") totalling £150,000 (Dec 2014)

·     Ariana Resources plc ("AAU") totalling £75,000 (Feb 2015)


Investors will note that each investee company above is involved in both mineral exploration and more advanced project development including potential near-term production.  Metal Tiger feels it is important for the companies in which it strategically invests to have multiple projects at different stages of maturity.  This shields them from single project risk and provides multiple upside opportunities for their investors, including Metal Tiger.


The companies Metal Tiger has invested in, and will invest in, are in Metal Tiger's view on the cusp of major commercial developments that could transform the value of the investee company in question. 


·     For Kibo Mining commercial partnerships at either the Rukwa Coal to Power Project or Imweru Gold Project, provide that initial upside potential. 


·     For Eurasia Mining the commercial developments could include receipt of a Mining Licence for their West Kytlim Platinum project or the sale of all, or part, of their Monchetundra Platinum project.


·     For Ariana Resources the receipt of Forestry permits leading to gold production at their Kiziltepe gold project or the sale of their interest in the Salinbas/Ardala gold project could provide the upside opportunity.


There is a distinct rationale for each investment Metal Tiger has undertaken, and that also extends into the on-market fund of resource junior equity investments the Company has quietly built in recent months.


In all cases Metal Tiger is seeking significant multiple returns on its investments.  The Company's first strategic investment in Kibo Mining has already delivered this, although it must be accepted that such rapid and dramatic performance cannot be expected for each investment.


Metal Tiger structures its investments carefully so as to protect existing investee company shareholders with a reasonable entry price, not heavily discounted as is the market norm for secondary placings.   Metal Tiger has received warrants with each investment and those warrants are again structured in a manner that further supports the investee companies.  However the Company is investing to generate a strong return and the dual shares and warrants approach provides considerable upside for Metal Tiger shareholders should the investee companies achieve their strategic and operational objectives.  Further, should the opportunity for investing in related project activities exist, then that is another facet of Metal Tiger's involvement that can activate additional projects for the benefit of both companies.


Metal Tiger will continue to work hard to identify new opportunities, some of which inevitably pass by because it would be imprudent to over stretch the business' cashflow.  As the Company's financial strength grows so does its firepower, and its ability to rapidly build value.


Direct Projects Investment Division Review:


Metal Tiger has built a portfolio of project investments and collaborations which to date include Joint Ventures with third parties in respect of the following:


Thailand: Gold, Copper and Antimony exploration interests covering various licence applications and one granted exploration licence. 


Spain: Gold & Tungsten exploration interests including one granted licence and two licence applications in Logrosan, situated in Extremadura, Spain.


Tanzania: Gold and Uranium exploration interests in Tanzania working in partnership with Kibo Mining plc under Joint Venture agreements signed in parallel to Direct Equity investments made in Kibo by Metal Tiger.


In addition to the above four Direct Project investments, Metal Tiger has agreed working collaborations with two fellow AIM-listed companies in respect of identified new opportunities. 


With Eurasia Mining (LON:EUA), Metal Tiger has a first right of refusal to participate with Eurasia in Russia on equal terms on any new opportunities they identify in the period to end June 2016.


With Ariana Resources (LON:AAU), Metal Tiger is to collaborate on new project opportunities in Turkey, notably in respect of the new licence auctions that are set to be taking place in-country.


By undertaking collaborations, Metal Tiger secures access to the immense in-country expertise of our partners, and exposes Metal Tiger to upside from new opportunities but with minimal up-front commitment and risk.  This complements the Company's existing Direct Projects investment portfolio, which is balanced to manage risk whilst maximising upside exposure for shareholders.


Opportunity Pipeline:


Since June 2014 Metal Tiger has built a pipeline of potential investments and this pipeline is now more extensive than ever.  Limiting factors include the investable cash and management time, both of which the Company manages within reasonable levels. 


Recognising the diversity, depth and potential value generative opportunities within Metal Tiger's current portfolio, the Company will only engage with what the Board considers standout new opportunities and will update shareholders accordingly as and when these opportunities arise.


Forward Strategic Plan:


Metal Tiger's forward Strategic Plan is straightforward.  The Direct Equities investment division is designed to generate short, medium and long term returns, with cash generated invested into the Direct Projects investment division to advance significant mineral opportunities that can create tremendous medium and long term capital value and potentially income distribution from producing assets.


Metal Tiger's Strategic Plan is by its nature dynamic and subject to change, as the Company adapts to the challenges and opportunities of the undervalued natural resources sector and its eventual emergence into a new cyclical bull market.  With the right assets in place from around the bottom of a cyclical bear market, Metal Tiger believes very substantial value can be delivered for shareholders.



For further information on the Company, visit: www.metaltigerplc.com:


Cameron Parry


Tel: +44 (0)207 099 0738

Paul Johnson

(Executive Director)

Tel: +44 (0)7766 465 617

Sean Wyndham-Quin

Neil Baldwin

Spark Advisory Partners Limited

(Nominated Adviser)

Tel: +44 (0) 2033 683 555

Notes to Editors:


Metal Tiger Plc is a natural resources focused investing company listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM Market ("AIM") with the trading code MTR and two investment divisions, Direct Equities and Direct Projects. 


The Direct Equities division invests in listed natural resource explorers and developers, with a combination of shares and warrants providing a potential non-debt financing instrument and enhanced return potential.  The Direct Projects division invests in operational mineral exploration projects with current investments in Spanish Gold & Tungsten, Thai Gold, Copper & Antimony, and Tanzanian Gold and Uranium.  The Direct Projects investment division also has working collaborations to identify new investment opportunities in Russia (platinum focus) and Turkey (gold focus), in association with experienced in-country partners.


Metal Tiger's target is to deliver a high return for shareholders by investing in significantly undervalued and/or high potential opportunities in the mineral exploration and development sector timed to coincide where possible, with a cyclical recovery in the exploration and mining markets.

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