Direct Equities

The Direct Equities division has two parts: Strategic Investments; and an On-Market Portfolio.

Strategic Investments

Strategic investments are typically larger investments where Metal Tiger seeks to positively influence the management of investee companies to enhance shareholder value.

Strategic Investments

MOD Resources Limited - MOD Resources is an ASX and LSE listed mining company with copper projects in Botswana, Africa. Metal Tiger holds 31,064,220 ordinary shares of ASX listed MOD Resources Limited representing 10.5% of the issued share capital, and 40,673,566 subscription rights with a nil exercise price.

Thor Mining plc - Thor Mining is an AIM listed mining company with tungsten and copper projects in Australia and the USA.  Metal Tiger has an investment of 80,100,000 ordinary shares representing 11.2% of the issued ordinary share capital of Thor Mining.

On-Market Portfolio

The On-Market Portfolio is the direct purchase of listed mining equities and warrants with a view of making significant capital gain in the short and long term as a result of market mispricing or an increase in underlying commodity prices.  Investments are typically traded on the TSX, ASX and AIM.  

Significant investments include:

Greatland Gold plc – Greatland Gold is an AIM listed mining company with gold projects in Australia.  Metal Tiger holds 14,700,000 ordinary shares of Greatland Gold.

Connemara Mining plc – Connemara Mining is an AIM listed mining company with gold and zinc projects in Ireland.  Metal Tiger holds 4,869,932 ordinary shares of Connemara.

Investment Criteria

When evaluating strategic and on-market investments, Metal Tiger considers the following factors:

  • favourable commodity price outlook
  • track record of management
  • ability for the Metal Tiger management team to “add value” through corporate governance, financial and technical expertise
  • potential to substantially increase the value of a mining asset through exploration and development, regardless of commodity price performance
  • low and medium risk geographic jurisdictions
  • ability to exit

Current Warrant or Option Holdings

Table updated 15 April 2019

Company No. of Warrants or Options Exercise Price Exercise Period Ending

Connemara Mining Company plc   (AIM:CON) 




Thor Mining plc    (AIM:THR) (ASX:THR)




Arkle Resources plc (AIM: ARK) 4,800,000 1.8p


MOD Resources Limited (ASX:MOD, LON MOD) 40,673,566 NIL