Direct Equities

The Direct Equities division has two parts: Strategic Investments; and an On-Market Portfolio.

Strategic Investments

Strategic investments are typically larger investments where Metal Tiger seeks to positively influence the management of investee companies to enhance shareholder value.

MOD Resources Limited - MOD Resources is an ASX and LSE listed mining company with copper projects in Botswana, Africa. Metal Tiger holds 67,686,791 ordinary shares of ASX listed MOD Resources Limited representing 19.9% of the issued share capital, and 4,825,168 subscription rights with a nil exercise price.

Thor Mining plc - Thor Mining is an AIM listed mining company with tungsten and copper projects in Australia and the USA.  Metal Tiger has an investment of 74,050,000 ordinary shares representing 9% of the issued ordinary share capital of Thor Mining.

On-Market Portfolio

The On-Market Portfolio is the direct purchase of listed mining equities and warrants with a view of making significant capital gain in the short and long term as a result of market mispricing or an increase in underlying commodity prices.  Investments are typically traded on the TSX, ASX and AIM.  

Significant investments include:

Greatland Gold plc – Greatland Gold is an AIM listed mining company with gold projects in Australia.  Metal Tiger holds 14,700,000 ordinary shares of Greatland Gold.

Arkle Resources plc (formerly Connemara Mining plc)  – Arkle Resources is an AIM listed mining company with gold and zinc projects in Ireland.  Metal Tiger holds 9,669,952 ordinary shares of Arkle.

Investment Criteria

When evaluating strategic and on-market investments, Metal Tiger considers the following factors:

  • favourable commodity price outlook
  • track record of management
  • ability for the Metal Tiger management team to “add value” through corporate governance, financial and technical expertise
  • potential to substantially increase the value of a mining asset through exploration and development, regardless of commodity price performance
  • low and medium risk geographic jurisdictions
  • ability to exit

Current Warrant or Option Holdings

Table updated 9 March 2020

Company No. of Warrants or Options Exercise Price Exercise Period Ending
Arkle Resources plc (AIM: ARK) 4,800,000 1.8p

11 Sep 2020

iMetal Resources Inc (TSX: IMR.V) 670,000 Can$0.20

18 Mar 2021

Aurelius Minerals Inc (TSX: AUL) 2,000,000 Can$0.06

16 April 2021

Los Cerros Limited (ASX: LCL) 750,000 A$0.10

11 Feb 2022