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Announcement by Brady Exploration plc 12/12/2013 RNS
Restoration- Brady Exploration Plc 12/12/2013 RNS
Termination of discussions on proposed acquisition 12/12/2013 RNS
Further re proposed transaction 31/10/2013 RNS
Half Yearly Report 30/09/2013 RNS
Result of AGM 01/07/2013 RNS
Final Results 07/06/2013 RNS
Loan facility and related party transaction 29/05/2013 RNS
AIM - Suspension - Brady Exploration plc 30/04/2013 RNS
Statement re Proposed Acquisition and Suspension 30/04/2013 RNS
Holding in Company 23/04/2013 RNS
Holding in Company 04/04/2013 RNS
Holding in Company 28/01/2013 RNS
Holding in Company 21/01/2013 RNS
Holding in Company 02/01/2013 RNS
Holding in Company 31/12/2012 RNS
Holding(s) in Company 28/12/2012 RNS
Holding in Company 07/11/2012 RNS
Total voting rights and lapsing of warrants 30/10/2012 RNS
Holding in Company 05/10/2012 RNS
Investing Policy Update 25/09/2012 RNS
Total Voting Rights 31/08/2012 RNS
Half Yearly Report 10/08/2012 RNS
Total Voting Rights 29/06/2012 RNS
Result of AGM and grant of options 09/05/2012 RNS
Brady Exploration PLC - Block Listing Six Monthly Review and TVR 01/05/2012 RNS
Total Voting Rights 30/03/2012 RNS
Annual Accounts and Notice of AGM 28/03/2012 RNS
Audited results for the 15 months ended 31 December 2011 28/03/2012 RNS
Total Voting Rights 29/02/2012 RNS
Holding(s) in Company - replacement 13/02/2012 RNS
Holding(s) in Company 01/02/2012 RNS
Total Voting Rights 31/01/2012 RNS
Change of Accounting Reference Date 07/12/2011 RNS
Holding(s) in Company 09/11/2011 RNS
Block admission 31/10/2011 RNS
Total Voting Rights 31/10/2011 RNS
Appointment of Joint Broker 27/10/2011 RNS
Investment in Capcon Holdings plc 26/10/2011 RNS
Result of General Meeting 26/10/2011 RNS
Circ re., inter alia, Disposal and Placing 10/10/2011 RNS
Half Yearly Report 30/06/2011 RNS
Extension to Secured Loan Stock 01/04/2011 RNS
Result of AGM 31/03/2011 RNS
Notice of AGM 01/03/2011 RNS
Preliminary Results 28/02/2011 RNS
Director/PDMR Shareholding 15/12/2010 RNS
Total Voting Rights 01/10/2010 RNS
Redemption of Loan Stock 02/09/2010 RNS
Appointment of J Fowler as Non-Executive Director 13/08/2010 RNS
AIM Rule 17 Disclosure 08/07/2010 RNS
AIM Rule 17 Disclosure 05/07/2010 RNS
Half Year Report 18/06/2010 RNS
Results of AGM 23/03/2010 RNS
Director/PDMR Shareholding 19/03/2010 RNS
Total Voting Rights 01/03/2010 RNS
Change of Advisor 11/02/2010 RNS
Re-issue of Shares 08/02/2010 RNS
Preliminary Results for the Year Ended 30 September 2009 22/01/2010 RNS