Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) programme which commenced in August 2016 includes a full-scale review of Metal Tiger’s global social and environmental policies, comprising continuous monitoring and review of worldwide subsidiaries and investments to ensure consistently high standards are employed across the Company’s Active Equity and Project interests.

Included in this global review to the extent possible of active equity and project investments.

Metal Tiger’s aim is to ensure long-term sustainable businesses that create a positive impact for all concerned and the Company is eager to advance multiple investing opportunities while the protection of the environment and the communities in which our investments operate is the absolute primary objective.

It is our intention to ensure Metal Tiger investors have the opportunity to discuss our work in this area with the Company and satisfy themselves that the Company remains focused on building a sustainable business model.

Metal Tiger is keen, to the extent possible, to develop resource opportunities for the primary benefit of the local people, in a sustainable manner, utilising nationals in technical roles and bringing international finance and complementary skills to rapidly create value for all stakeholders.

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